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You could be a first time manager or your first time calling the shot for a specific role or a leading a certain project. You could be jittery, the nerves can get the best of you. Will the interviewee see through you? Will they share the same picture you have in mind for the right candidate and out of say 7 candidates, will you be able to evaluate and get the best candidate for the position?

Or maybe you have immense experience in the recruitment/HR field… but lately you’ve not been getting the right candidates. Sure, they are all qualified but there’s something missing. You’ve had a case of what you would call “People who look good on paper.” If you ask around, that’s one of the most problematic areas HR has to face.

“I am not new in recruitment. In my 3 years in the field, I have interviewed hundreds of job candidates. Most have been successful in their incumbent roles but there are those who always make me rethink my choice.”

As HR or as a recruitment firm, how do you evaluate potential hires to ensure you get the right candidate for the job?

Below are 3 Tips on how to do evaluate the finest applicants.

1.Look beyond their academic qualifications>> Attitude,Grit
For a business to thrive or a project to succeed, it’s a vital requirement to have an employee with a great attitude towards work. This boils down to working hours, their work ethic, their own personal values and lest you forget, their attitude towards work itself.

Do they have grit,right attitude and Oomph to get it done?

Because let’s face it, no matter how qualified a job candidate looks on paper, you want the same level of professionalism to reflect on their day to day work routine.

How do their work attitude factor into the company policy?

2.Evaluate your potential employees with a personality test.
You’ve probably taken one of those tests which determine your personality. Some even go further to evaluate the kind of careers each personality should per-take and interestingly, which ones to avoid if you have a certain kind of temperament.

Luckily for potential candidates, they do not have to scavenge for such tests online. Most Kenyan employers and professional recruiters do offer Personality Tests during the interview or before the one on one interview.

As an employer/recruiter, this vital hiring process should give you a clear view of who to place with who in case of any special projects in the future. As an employer, this gives you a chance on how to handle each employee based on their personality.

3.Ask about their career trajectory/Goals/Skills they’ve gained along the way.
Imagine if you listened to a potential employee during a job interview. You’ve probably asked them all the right expected question, then at the end…. “Would you hire you?”

If the answer is yes, then it should be followed by “Why” and they should be able give an answer in a confident and professional way.

Are they the kind of employee(s) you would trust to run the businesson your day off or the kind of employee who would run you over?

As an employer/recruiter, the best candidates should be the ones with a career trajectory, people who set goals and smash them every time…or who at least have tried to so. What kind of special skills did they learn in their previous job and how are they going to incorporate that into this new role?

To sum it all up, here is a quote to help you hire the right candidate/s, “Hiring people who are able to move beyond the challenges that will inevitably arise in the course of one’s job and can figure out how to get things done is mission critical for companies of all sizes,” advises Mr Medler for Forbes Council Post.

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