Job interviews are all about a strategy of proving you are the best candidate for the open position. It’s all about convincing the interviewer that “You know what, I know you’ve interviewed close to 20 people for this job, they are all amazing with top notch experience and great education background BUT here’s why you should hire me.”

Without beating around the bush, what do HR managers advice interviewers to focus on when asked, “So, Timothy, I’ve gone through your CV but apart from all that, give a reason of why you are the best candidate for this position.” or as sometimes phrased as “What would you bring to this position?”

1. Focus on successful previous outcomes
You can choose to emphasis on a specific instance where you performed a certain KEY job duty with a positive outcome. The more specific examples you can provide, the more memorable you will be to the hiring manager.

Sample Answer #1
That’s an excellent question! From what I’ve learned about your company, it sounds like you are looking for someone who will be able to handle customer concerns quickly and effectively. In that case, I’d like to tell you about a time where I handled a customer issue, and they walked away with renewed confidence in our capabilities and services.

2. Use of percentage to demonstrate your ability
Another fabulous way to go round this question is to use a specific percentage to demonstrate the candidate’s ability to perform the job responsibilities effectively.

The more descriptive and accurate you can get, the better your chances of landing the job. If you can show your direct impact on an organization, the hiring manager will remember that and will be more likely to recommend you for the position.

Sample Answer #2
From what I’ve gathered about this new post, your company is looking for a skilled communicator and experienced marketer to grow your business and help your company stand out from the competition. At my previous job, I increased their activity by 24% by implementing targeted social media advertising. I will bring that innovative and entrepreneurial spirit to your company, and your success will be my top priority.

3. Focus on your Bonus Skills
We all have those skills which make us stand out and sometimes the job ad will state they are looking for someone with a certain set of skills.

Showing that you have “bonus” skills is a great way to separate yourself from the other candidates. If the hiring manager explicitly states that they are really looking for someone that also has certain skills, answering this question by showing you possess those skills will only strengthen your qualifications in the interviewer’s mind.

Sample Answer #3
You’ve explained earlier that leadership and management skills are bonus qualities for this position. In my 5 years of experience as an advertising manager, I have effectively managed teams of over 6 people. In that time, I developed motivational skills which aided in meeting and exceeding the company’s set goals for 3 years in a row. I will bring those leadership abilities to this position.

Final Bonus Tip: Don’t let the question of, “Why should we hire you?” mess you up along the way. The HR is trying to find out why they should hire you over the others waiting to be interviewed, and if there are a lot of candidates, this response could make or break your interview.