What have you been posting on your social media lately or ever since you joined Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Twitter? Party time photos? Colourful facebook status updates? While most of what we or most people post is deemed as fun and carefree, HR and recruiters may not find it to be funny and may use that as reason enough not to hire you.

Why is that you ask? That’s because social media gives an almost reflection of who we are as people and a true essence of someone’s character. What’s more, “It can help them get a more accurate idea about who you are outside of your resume — a more personal view into your life,” adds Hallie Crawford a renowned career coach.

That being said, what are 3 essential things that HR is looking for when combing through your LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter accounts.

1.They are verifying if you have a consistent brand

Say for example you work in Marketing or PR. As known facts, these fields are all about projecting a certain professional image. Don’t get me wrong though, all fields are all about that but let’s focus on those two paths for now. What kind of image do you project to potential clients and that of your company included?

Do you give yourself self-proclaimed titles that might come off as pretentious or simply mischaracterize what you really do? We all know of someone who does this, grandiose titles which if you really took the time to think about it, it makes no absolute sense.

What to do instead, be straightforward about your role and try to establish a professional aesthetic across all your social accounts to give off an authentic image.

2.How do you interact with the outside world?

Employers are interested in how you use social media to interact, build relationships and express your creativity. And guess what, you don’t need thousands of Twitter followers to get this done.

How can you get this achieved? Easy, make sure you’re using social media to connect with influencers, industry leaders, organizations and publications in your field.

Groups such as Institute of Human Resource Management (Kenya), Digital Marketing in Kenya, Literature and Poetry etc…What they are interested in is to find out your participation in relevant online groups, … and they care about the type of content you share and comment on. Yes, you read that right.

This is your chance to show what type of contributions you’d bring to a company so keep your commentary professional and make sure you’re adding value to those discussion.

3.Your trail of photos

Mmmmmh, Any damaging images out there that could ruin your image? What would HR be looking for on your photo albums? They not only check your photos but also your descriptions.

A hiring manager wants to see if you represent yourself in a professional way. To come off in the most positive pre-meeting light, you will want to avoid using profanity, sexual or drug references.