Have you ever been or felt like a slacker? Or maybe you weren’t meeting your Key Performance Indicators (KPI), or maybe your boss pulled you to the side to ask why you weren’t pulling enough weight into your tasks?

That happens on a normal basis to almost anyone. What to do next is what determines if you chose improvement or failure.

“I don’t think I have been putting enough effort into my work and although I haven’t been called on it, I feel it’s my obligation to meet my work goals and increase my productivity to the maximum,” says almost everyone who feel the same.

How do you that?

An article on Forbes written by Ashley Stahl reads, “As a career coach, I’ve helped both young executives working 12-15 hour days,” she quotes that no matter who you are, you need to be on point with how you manage those 24 hours each day.”

Below are 4 simple steps on how to make that happen.

1.Plan Your Day in Advance
Do you use a calendar? Or a to-do list? Then you are on a path of maximizing your productivity. If you haven’t, time to get started! There are so many free apps which you can use to make that happen. In order to do make this possible, you need to have goals, things you want to achieve on a daily basis. Some people even plan their monthly tasks and you would be surprised to find people who do it on a yearly basis.

In other words, you can ask yourself, what do you expect to happen at the end of each day?

2.Prioritize your to-do list
On that to do-list, what needs to be accomplished first and what can hold off till the next day or the day after that?

If you do this, then you won’t be boggled down by the guilt of not finishing all you had planned to accomplish for the day.

It really is simple but you have to ask yourself, “whose priority?” if you are a junior, you need to figure out if your boss’s priority is what should come first or what you feel is priority to you….or can you juggle the two? Then good!

3. Wake Up Early
Actually, it should have been the first point because let’s face it, if you can’t wake up on time, then you won’t be in a position to accomplish your goals and of those who work with/for you.

What this does is that instead of feeling rushed out of the door each morning like most people, you’ll have more quiet time to do things in a calm manner. However, if you are a night owl who prefers to work through the night, then you need to find a strategy which works for you. We’ve got early birds and night owls, it’s a game of maximizing work productivity and finding out what works for you.

4.Put some charm/charisma into it
You need to have a positive attitude into everything you set to accomplish. This will get you going when it comes to getting the daunting tasks done.

There are times when you will find out that the tasks aren’t as easy as you thought they might be. Or your attitude will change along the way if your heart wasn’t into it to begin with, if that’s the case then you need to reevaluate your goals.

What nobody tells you is that a right, positive attitude will get you going when all fails. If you do not have that to begin with, then you might want to buy some motivational books or attend inspiring talks to get that attitude to kick in.

Good luck on maximizing your work productivity!