They say customer service is the backbone of every good company. How well or negative a business performs relies of this crucial department where if not trained well could be one of the problem areas as far as growth for both parties is concerned.

Let’s assume you’ve been working in CS (Customer Service) as it’s normally referred to for about 2 years now and for the life of you, you do not feel as though you have gained enough skills to take you to the next level.

Or for instance you are a department head in CS, as is the norm, there are those you could say are your top performers and non-performers on your team depending on Key Performance Indicators.

How do you go about helping the latter in helping them elevate their skills and making sure no one is lagging behind?

Here’s how you could help your team by addressing the following areas of interest.

1.Meeting Business Ideas
Is your team aligned with the key objectives of their roles and do they understand the company’s objective. This could be led by the company’s motto and is the case, CS are the company drivers of this very same thing. The better they/you understand the importance of it all, then your team/company is aligned for greatness.

2.Building trust and credibility
A well trained CS department or an individual should be able to build trust to the public and offer credibility of their products or service.

How confident are they when dealing with customers?

If they are not as confident as they ought to be, that’s something that can be taught.

3.Handling of emotions
If you’ve worked in CS, then you know how emotions come to play in this area. One minute you are experiencing one type of emotion and the next you are exhibiting another.

As a department head, does your team project those feelings and emotions to the customer?

4.Problem Solving and decision making
How well is your team able to handle arising problems with solution based ideas?

They should, if not, this is what our upcoming training is all about.

What are the charges?

To be held at the Panari Hotel on March 7th 2020, interested participants will pay 6000 Ksh Only inclusive of training materials, Certificates of completion, Refreshments all day. Tea and snacks at 4.00pm.

(Cost is VAT inclusive)

Do we have any special offers?
Book two slots and gain 10% Discount
Book more than 5 slots and gain 15% discount
Book more than10 slots and gain 20% discount

How do you book a slot for yourself or your team?
Simply send an email to us on training@r4kenya.com and we will send you a registration form. We advise you to book early to avoid missing a seat to this training.

Our training programs usually get sold out early so ensure that you have made your booking early enough.

What are our Payment Options?
We provide 4 payment options, choose one for your convenience, and kindly make payments on or before 3rd March 2020 in order to secure your seat:

1. Groups of 5 people and above – Cheque payments to: Recours Four Kenya Consultants Limited should be paid in advance, 4 days to the training.
2. Invoice: we can send a bill directly to you or your company.
3. Mpesa buy goods till number: 909370
4. Deposit directly into bank (bank details provided upon request)

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