There are three kinds of people, those who love their job; passion oozes out of their daily tasks, then there are those who just don’t know how they feel; they are ish-ish people. And finally, there are just who just loathe their jobs. Unfortunately this article is not for the last two but the first kind; those who love their jobs and career to the core.

How do you ensure you keep the passion intact without burning out?

“I really do love my job. Even more so, I am excited when I am assigned more duties and tasks to add on to my daily and monthly to do list. My job is in alignment with my degree or diploma and I want to keep the fire burning, so to say.”

Let’s all agree that having a passion at work is an excellent way to reduce work stress. This is because when you do work which you like, then not only your mind but even your entire body feels relaxed and pleased.

Here is what you do when you are in such situation.

1. Learn a new complementing skill
You already know you are good and efficient at your job, to keep things going in the right direction, you’ve got to find practical facts or methods that will affect your work directly and address your specific weaknesses.

So, for example, maybe there’s a better way to organize your email, or maybe you could learn a new Excel Formula. This type of learning ups your efficiency and lets you see the bigger picture of what the business is doing

2. Keep a passionate company.
You already know this, you become the five people you spend most of your time with. If you’re the kind of person who values feeling passionate about your work, you should make an effort to be around the sort of people who feel the same way.

The truth is, negative people can drag anyone down regardless how passionate they are. It’s probably best to keep your distance. Instead, surround yourself with people, both in and out of the office, who enjoy what they do. You’ll help keep each other going.

3. Reconnect to your values.
What are your values?

People usually are happiest when they are doing work that aligns with their core principles–elements like honesty, trustworthy etc

The trouble is, over time, it’s easy to focus less and less on these central beliefs and more on the black and white of the agenda. Take some time to think about what you truly view as important. Those beliefs likely will pop up as themes through some of your most positive memories. Then look at your work and find the points where what you’re doing honors those core concepts for you.

For example, if you love and feel passionate about what you love, you’ve got to back that passion up with characteristics that will get you further.

Truth is, integrity is everything. If you commit to something, follow through on that promise. Protecting your accountability is a keystone to prolonged success.