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That’s a common question posed to HR professionals and recruiters the world over. You just graduated, no working experience whatsoever. Or maybe you’ve been working in the corporate world for almost 9 years, lots of experience to jot down or just maybe you’ve been running your business and a shot in the corporate world is what you are looking for?

The length of your CV depends on what you choose to include and what to edit out. Take for example the initial case of a person with 9 years of experience in any field. That’s a professional with tons of work experience, trainings and education background to include on paper. When you have such a scenario, what should be guidance be?

“Recruiters and hiring managers have little interest in wading through lengthy professional autobiographies. They want to access the most pertinent information as quickly as possible,” advises Michael Page and every other recruiter who has had time going through the murky side side of CV perusing and shortlisting.

Imagine if you were the hiring manager, you’ve got 30CV’s on your desk and you are time constraint on finding the right hire. How long do you think you would take on single CV to arrive at the right one?

“People often feel that a one-page CV is worth less than a two-pager but this is definitely not true. It is much better to have a good, strong one-page CV than a two-page one that is padded out with unnecessary information. You should always be aiming to exclude irrelevant information which may detract from other more important points,” argues an interesting article on Monster.

Arguably, most Kenyan recruiters will advice on 2-3 pages. If you conduct your CV writing research as we have, the information is the same across the hiring sector.

How can you shorten your CV to the recommended length?
1. Get rid of all the unnecessary wordings and one of the ways to do this is by reading it out loud, Record yourself if you have to. How does that sound to you? Or get someone to read it it for you. This will help cut out the number of words on your 5-6 page CV

2. Look out for redundancy. Have you already mentioned that? No need to repeat it in another “clever way”

3. Have you been attending seminars since you were a girl/boy scout? Well, that’s very impressive, it shows your leadership skills but at your level, you just have to cut that out and go for more recent trainings.

4. How many experiences have you included on your work experience section? I am sure you’ve heard of “tailoring your CV and cover letter” to the specific job you are applying for. If a certain job does not add value to the one you are eyeing, why include it. Sure, it might come in handy for another position but for this particular one, think hard and edit that one out…for now.

5. How many referees have you included? Sure, your headmaster, principal or religious clerk may have thought you were the one to make it in life but how many years has it been since you last saw each other? Stick to the most recent individuals who should at least be 2-3.

Sounds like a hustle to do all that, get in touch with us for a professional CV