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As a dreadful nightmare, your top performers might decide to quit on you for whatever reasons. It could be better job chances, learning opportunities or sometimes, personal reasons. When that happens, as it often does globally, it could leave a company in a dire need of getting new employees to fill in the shoes of the departed.

As HR, how do you go on motivating new staff into their new roles and ensuring employee turnover remains on the low spectrum?

1. Give Training & Development Opportunities
People stay where they are offered new learning opportunities in their areas of expertise or interest. What does your company have to offer to new employees and old as well to grow their potential?

Are there weekly or monthly training programs or mentorship programmes to help your employees grow?

Training and Development opportunities not only enhances your employees’ skills but places you as a better or one of the best companies to work for as far as offering work experience is concerned.

See world rankings on best companies to work for and reasons why they are considered as such by employees.

2. Proper Orientation
Let’s assume you are a new employee. It’s your first day at work and you do not know anyone there. In as far as “first impressions” mattered to your potential employer during your interview session, your impression of them on your first day at work will be indelible.

As HR, you ought to make sure your new employees are well introduced into their teams and other teams as well and give them a proper knowhow of the workings of the company.

3. Have Regular Check-in’s
Do you want to make them stay? Consider asking questions in such line of thought.

First week into their new job, how are their fairing? How are they getting on with their team members?

This illustrates that the company cares in having their new employees well acquitted in their roles and forms a bond of “I care” kind of relationship within the company.

4. Have an aura of Hope, Strength and Confidence
Regardless of why your previous employees left their positions, as a company, you want to project a sense of hope, strength and confidence to your new employees.

Sure you might have several employees who previously left due to financial and budget constraints or HR concerns but that’s not the picture you would like to paint to the incumbents.

What does your company project?

What’s your objective and how well are your employees aligned to it?

As HR and a competent company, you should strive to instill a sense strength, hope and confidence.

A bonus tip from an employee retention article on The Square, “People will stay with your business if they have a reason to. So if you want to keep your good people and keep them motivated, it’s worth starting an incentive program. Maybe it’s a quarterly bonus. Maybe it’s a commission structure that’s better than the competition. If people know they’ll be rewarded for a job well done, they’ll be more likely to, well, do a good job, and stay to see things through.”

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