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Let’s be honest, if you are young into the game of the job hunting, you might find this to be your favourite question. Or maybe you just dread the question because they do not know how much they should quote to the HR.

What bugs most people about the question is wondering how much is too high and how low is too low?If you’ve been to a job interview lately, “the economy” might have prodded you to quote a figure way too high than your market value and maybe that might have cost you the job offer.

That being said, how do you answer the salary expectation question without putting yourself in an untenable situation by forcing you to consider a job at a less-than-desirable salary?

You may be wondering what the big deal about the money question is; yet it’s one question that often Why do companies ask job candidates the salary question?

The reason behind the question…Ultimately, company leaders and HR professionals want to know if they can afford you before they invest time and resources courting you to come to work for them.

Some employers are bargain hunting. What that means is that despite a general market value for certain positions, some companies place a bigger premium on certain positions than other companies. This means that the salary they expect to pay for a certain position may be lower or higher than the going rate.

Here are best sample answers to this Interview Question

The first example is based on quoting your experience.

Sample 1:
My salary range is quite flexible. I would, of course, like to be compensated fairly for my decade of experience and award-winning sales record. However, I am very open to discussing specific numbers once we have discussed the details of the position.

Sample 2 is purely based on the specific duties of the specific job. This applies best when you’ve gone through the job description or done a little research e.g on Glassdoor or local HR forums to get information on such a position.

Sample 2:
I would need to learn more about the specific duties required of this position, which I look forward to learning more about in this interview. However, I do understand that positions similar to this one pay in the range of X amount of money to Y amount of money in Kakamega county.

That being the case, with my experience, skills, and certifications, I would expect to receive something in the range of A to B Kenya Shillings.

The last sample is based on last experience. Going by this sample, it’s always a good idea to note to the HR that you’re open to discussing a reasonable salary for a job.

Sample 3:
I am open to discussing what you believe to be a fair salary for the position. However, based on my previous salary, my knowledge of the industry, and my understanding of this geographic area, I would expect a salary in the general range of A to B Shillings. Again, I am very open to discussing these numbers with you.

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