“I have been job hunting for months now but the search hasn’t been fruitful. I randomly send out job applications to various companies which I am interested in but unfortunately I haven’t been successful yet. Are there any other methods to landing a job safely without being conned by the many online job search scams which a lot of Kenyans end up being duped by?”

Sounds like someone you know? It’s quite disheartening especially when you dish out some cash to some online dude who promises you a job if you only part with say a cool Ksh5,000 with the hopes of getting you a job in the close of the month.

A month down the line, two months in the “job promise” and there is no job at the horizon.

Tired of such shenanigans, here are 2 reasons why a recruitment firm is your best bet for landing a job in Kenya…and should we add, in a “con free” sort of way.

1. Curated Jobs which match your educational background.
If you’ve been able to visit any of the top recruitment firms in Kenya, ours included, they have a dedicated team which goes through your CV and cover letter. The aim is to have a look at your education background and previous jobs and gauge the kind of jobs you would be best qualified for.

They can be able to tell you….

“You know what Isaac, I don’t think you are qualified for the managerial position just yet, maybe you should apply for this Executive position instead. This is because of ABC….”

That’s because recruitment firms employ consultants whose one of their numerous goals is to focus in assisting organizations (Public-Sector Organizations, Government, non-profit and for-profit organizations) seek talented professionals hire the right talent.

2. Career Advice from a Professional
Let’s say you are clueless about the Kenyan job market. Going online doesn’t help much because most of the articles are not curated for this specific job market.

You have questions, no one has been able to help you out. You have an inkling of what you are probably doing wrong but you can’t put finger on these specific issues which seem to be derailing your job search.

Argh, the agony. Recruitment firms are able to offer specified career advice to any questions which you may have regarding your career.

“Which sort of jobs do you think I am qualified for?”

“What’s the salary range for those sort of jobs?”

“What courses can I partake in the line of my career to beat competition or to stand out?”

“What’s wrong with my CV and what can I do to make it better?

“Do I have to apply for every other job which I am qualified for?”

Candid and genuine questions which every job seeker has in Kenya want answers to. The questions are not only based on job search. They can veer towards psychometric testing, interview preparations, CV and cover letter writing.

Looking for a job? Why not give a recruitment firm a chance to help you out?