Yesterday was mothers’ day and as would be expected, there were celebrations all over the world. A snippet of the joy and desires were spread all over social media platforms.

Here are some leadership lessons that we can learn from it.

a. Frequent visitation of the why

The worldwide celebration of mothers’ (and other notable female figures) day is a clear sign of the need to revisit one’s roots.

In the leadership context, that can be likened to the mission statement of the company. At one point in your leadership position, you may collide or have collided with circumstances that if they were to be examined without a close examination, they would lead you off the path you desire to take. Some assure of instant results if you bend the rules a bit but can end up damaging the reputation.

On surface level, a mission statement looks like meaningless text engraved on the wall, but that is not the case. It offers a range of benefits: it reminds you of the primary goal of being a leader and determines the company’s direction by influencing your decisions. In consequence, revisiting your core reasons for being a leader will challenge you to make the right decisions. That way, you will be able to discount the alluring yet harmful offers confidently.

b. Flexibility

Many people went to great lengths of explaining moments when their mothers had been spontaneous and had planned to deliver best experiences. As a leader, some situations will demand that you make decisions and implement quickly and others to let the matter run in your mind for a long time. This is why you should be alert to what the situation demands.

Also, a quick scroll through web pages will reveal the aspects and experiences that matter most to different people. Such information is valuable in showing the diversity of human needs and hence the right planning on how to make the workplace suitable for different characters.

c. The need for all-time excellence

Alongside photos of people celebrating their mothers, female guardians and role models, there was a revelation of an unsettling situation where some people spend the special day with their mothers and celebrate them but once the day is over, so is their effort. The mothers and notable female figures however, did not seem to hold a grudge for the lack of recognition most of the time.

This situation can be examined in two ways. First, there is danger of focusing too much on impressing those who have little to no connection with the company than excelling. Two, some efforts can remain unrecognized most of the time.

This realization should be used to emphasize the need for being an excellent leader all year long and not necessary when there is instant recognition and rewards nearby. The price of too much focus on public show and little in shaping the organization is failure. In addition, the lack of rewards should not be translated as an indicative of one’s leadership capabilities and relevance.

d. Nurturing team mentality and individualism

Many people applauded their mothers’ (guardians’) ability to make them feel that they belonged in the family and to nurture their individual interests in different capacities. This is an essential characteristic for leaders to enhance collaboration and diversity.

e. The need to educate frequently 

The universal trait of the mothers and other female figures seemed to be patience and persistence when educating how to navigate through life. Therefore, it doesn’t come as a surprise that many people revealed they had a chance to reach heights that their mothers and notable female figures in their lives couldn’t. Mothers and other female figures were recognized for what they did over the years. You are a leader because you are an expert in a particular field.  The title will solidify once you pass the knowledge to your team.

Also, on any particular day, you will be dealing with people and issues that seem to be after your worst reaction. It could be disappointments due to underperformance, missed deadlines, difficult characters, poor planning, etc. Learning the art of patience will help you to make the impact you desire to see in others.