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As the year takes off, a lot of employees whether in Junior or Senior Level are looking for ways to propel their careers forward. And just as you are planning on your career resolutions, it’s also that time of the year when HR practitioners are looking for tips to do just that in order to avoid high turnover and make a great headway with empowering their personnel.

“My career has been on the bedrock for a while now. On my previous Performance Review I received great recommendations on areas of improvement. As I work towards that, I am hoping my Manager and HR have plans to empower not only myself but also to my team members,” says almost everyone at the beginning of each year.

How do Managers and HR ensure those who work for them feel energized and empowered to perform on new tasks to their level best?

As you grow into your career, along the way there will be that constant need to evolve and morph into something great or something different, which means a lot has to change or else you will become stagnant and start to wonder what did it all go wrong some years down the line. “Even if it’s inconvenient for you or your business you must provide robust ways for your team to grow,” advises Bruce Kassanof a contributor on Forbes.

That being said, below are 3 powerful strategies to empower your employees in 2020

1.Offer Relevant Trainings
Every single employee has an area of improvement or new skills which they would like to incorporate into their current role. As a Manager/HR, an effective way of finding out the kind of trainings your staff are interested in is by conducting a survey, a simple voxpop around the office or a one on one with their immediate managers…whichever way you decide to get interested employees to speak up, just note that majority of high performers will appreciate the gesture and work towards making the business a success.

2.Give Feedback & Praise Effort
Imagine you’ve been working on a strenuous project which required a copious amount of your energy and time. You and your team give this project your all and accomplish your target for the day, month or year. Feedback for your great effort will not only encourage your employees but they will also know their work does not go unnoticed. Same case, if they are not doing as well as expected, guide, offer expertise and show the way forward.

3.Share Goal Setting Tips & Give Direction
If you’ve worked for a great manager, then they might have asked you, “what are your goals,” and they might have you to write them down. That’s what great leadership is all about. Showing and demonstrating to your employees that you really care about their growth.

“With the help of your employees, make progress on goals (measurable and observable), or clarify that you have shared your picture of a positive outcome with the people responsible for accomplishing the results,” advises Susan M. Heathfield a HR & Management Consultant.

As 2020 takes shape, make your employees your number one priority and you will be impressed by the results.