I will tell you what, I’ve had my share of going through a couple of cover letters through a previous work experience. Although the designs or templates may vary across recruiting firms and individuals, the message always remains the same, “Sell yourself” to the recruiter.

A cover/ing letter is your sales pitch to the recruiter/hiring manager/HR, whether you are applying for a director position, a managerial position or in this case, a graduate trainee position with no prior working experience other than an attachment/internship position.

Key focus points should be on

  • A highlight on teamwork skills that demonstrate you can work with other people (this could be from working or volunteering in various clubs in campus)
  • A mention of your core strengths and contributions that show you are a stand-out applicant
  • School work experience or volunteer work that demonstrates your strengths and contributions
  • Highly important is to mention your involvement in sporting or community clubs
  • And lastly you cam mention hobbies or interests that are relevant to the job.

What you should stay away from

  • Using too many I’s
  • Repeating what’s on your CV
  • Irrelevant salutations/wording (hey, how are you, hope this finds you well etc)

Have a look at this sample to guide you through yours.

Johnston Kiprono
P.O B.O.X 67890,
Nairobi, Kenya.

21st May 2019

The Human Resource Manager,
XYZ Company LTD,
P.O BOX 45678-002,
Mombasa, Kenya.

Dear Sir/ Madam,


As a highly driven and detail oriented individual, I wish to express my interest in the position of a Retail Sales Trainee in your esteemed company. I believe my outstanding interactive, sales and public speaking skills which I have honed during my 6 months internship tenure with ABC pharmaceutical company makes me a highly competitive candidate for the job.

In addition, as a recent graduate, I have been extensively involved in campus community, which has allowed me to develop strong relational skills. My involvement in various events in the drama club and volunteering with a local NGO has allowed me to work closely with teams, thus enhancing my interpersonal skills.

You highlighted that you are looking for a candidate with strong public speaking skills and a highly emotional intelligent candidate. During my course work and internship period I was assigned with deep involvement projects which refined my ability to be friendly, polite, confident in giving advice and ability to follow procedures correctly: skills I believe are crucial to this position.

Attached please find my CV for your consideration. I look forward to an interview with you where we can discuss the value I will be bringing to your company.

Yours Sincerely,
Johnston Kiprono.