As a team manager or a team lead, your duty among others is to ensure your team’s performance is always at a peak. Your performance depends on them as well, because either way you look it, you need them as much as they need you.

Take the case of a first time manager: Timothy*, he has been managing a sales team of 3 executives and although his team has been excellent on their deliverables, he feels there’s need to do better in certain areas.

As a first time manager or team lead, there’s so much to learn in people management. Sometimes you will think you have it all under control, you know the “I’ve got this,” or “What the dickens are they doing,” depends on the day really.

As Glenn Llopis quotes on a leadership strategy article on Forbes, “It takes great leadership to lead a great team.

With that in mind, below are several aspects you might want to address in order to ensure your team’s performance is at overall best at all times.

1. Address their Time Management Skills
Time management is not just about showing up at work at 8.00 and chilling at your desk. What you do with your time is more important.

As a team lead/manager, are your team members aware of their duties and responsibilities? How well are they able to handle deadlines, do they push back on projects to the next day or the following week?

What do they need in order to improve? You could suggest trainings on time efficiency or tools you think they will need to get tasks accomplished on time.

Don’t forget though, it’s necessary for your team members to show up at work on time but what they do when they get there is what’s more important

2. They should work on their presentation skills
Goes without saying. They might be lagging behind on their data presentation, reporting skills among other areas. In such instances, as a team lead/manager you should be able to coach and train on areas of improvement.

In what areas do they need to improve on? It could be something you’ve noticed over time or someone came to you and said, “You know, so and so needs to improve on this area and that.”

When that happens, you will need to address the issue with tact and help your team member’s performance by offering regular feedback where need be.

3. How good or bad are their people skills?
Are these people who need a push/nudge every now and then? People skills are vital in any career or field of business. How good are they at communication, written and otherwise?

Again, this goes back to offering your people the best trainings in order to improve on their performance. This could be improved on observance of how they relate with each other? Is it the same way they handle themselves with clients?

Note on areas of improvement and get them to do better.

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