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As is the norm, there are times when you feel a stomach bug creeping in on you, or maybe a flu or a running nose, or a headache coming your way. For most people, there are times when you will feel obligated to go to work, lots of deadlines to meet, lots of to do lists and other times, you will just have to throw in the towel and stay home.

“There are times when I have felt mildly sick, good enough to get myself out of bed and get to work. Sometimes you may have a flu which you think you can handle only for it to deteriorate later in the day and think, I think I should have called in sick today,” sounds like most people?

The big question remains, should you go to work or should you just call in sick?

As is the norm, you should know what your company’s policy is on calling in sick. Do you have to fill a form? How many days are you allowed to take in a year and what type of deductions are made when the days run off?

If you talk to your HR, they will tell you how much you are worth in a day. Take for example a person whose skills are worth Kshs5,000 daily. The company policy stipulates your annual sick leave to be 10 days. Say your days run off and you are still not feeling well? How does your HR go on about this?

Some other questions may align to something similar to

What if I never get sick within the course of that particular year?

Can my sick days accumulate and be forwarded to the following year?

Should I cover for my own sick bills?

On the other hand, HR, should not try to conceal vital information from employees who they may conceive as naïve especially if they do not ask questions the first time the subject of “sick days entitlement” is broached.

As an employee, your company/HR should be able to answer this questions which should be included on company’s handbook for directness and openness.

How do you contact your boss if you are not feeling well?

“The advantage of an email or text is that it’s easier to keep it brief and to the point, and you will avoid being drawn into an unnecessary discussion about the nature of your illness.

You can also send it as soon as you have decided to take the day off, rather than waiting for the working day to begin.

On the other hand, a phone call is more personal and your boss may be more convinced of your need to take a day off if they can have a conversation with you,” advises an article on WikiJob.

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