HR Outsourcing

HR Outsourcing

HR Outsourcing Service in Kenya

In the changing corporate environment, keeping your administrative systems aligned with our company’s structural and workforce transactions can be challenging — and building business processes to handle these changes can tax your resources and time. We offer HR outsourcing services to local and foreign companies where we manage your employees contracts, process salaries, statutory taxes, legal compliance and maintain employee records. We become an extension of your small business—whether that’s to support your in-house HR people or to be your HR people.

A simple way of transforming your business processes.

By automating many “back office” tasks ranging from data entry and payroll inquiries to benefits administration, business process outsourcing of HR services is a convenient, high-tech way to transform your HR functions without adding infrastructure, headcount, or cost.

Our staff outsourcing solution is one of our most successful functions. The solution enables you to gain a flexible and productive staffing solution whilst simultaneously controlling costs. It enables you to match your workforce to your workload and eliminate the financial burden of carrying in your employment, extra full-time staff when not required. Down times become a thing of the past and best of all, you no longer have staff administrative or legislative burdens.

We recognize that businesses are constantly striving for more efficient ways in which to streamline their business processes, to enable them to focus on becoming more strategic in their operations.

This is a client specific service tailored to the unique individual needs of each client based on the industry, staff requirements, operating conditions and other determining factors. In summary however, we follow the following simple steps:

  • Obtain an expression of interest
  • Discuss the requirements and agree on terms
  • Draw and sign the contract
  • Recruit and place staff
  • Engage in continuous monitoring and evaluation
  • Effect changes as and when required

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R4K did my CV sometime last year, I went to their training, and three months later I got a job better than the one I was in before, thanks R4K team!

— Hannah Kendi, Candidate

R4K is our main recruiting firm and has never disappointed us. They are able to source for quality employees and fill vacancies very fast due to their promptness.

— Diane Murage, Uvacorp Technologies

R4K has a friendly team of professionals that were able to match my qualifications exactly with the job that I am currently in. I have even recommended their services to my friends because it worked for me.

— Faith Munyiva, Candidate