Recruitment & Selection

Recruitment & Selection

We offer a flexible approach to recruitment. By shaping a recruitment service that matches your needs we ensure that we deliver fast and effective results.

We can work with you to identify what competence you will need in the future, and then we can attract, motivate, select and integrate the best possible candidate. But, whatever your specific needs, our success is in ensuring we find the right people for your business.

Recruit. Select. Perform.

Ensuring you hire the right people and accelerate their time to performance is our goal. Whether you need a fully managed recruitment solution or simply some specialist capability at any particular stage.

We are Exactly what you need.

We know what outstanding recruitment looks like. Whether you need a total recruitment and selection solution including consultancy assessment and integration support, or just need to fill an already defined vacancy, we deliver high performers.

From recruitment as a managed service, to high speed recruitment in a crisis contact us today for your specific needs. The proof is in the quality of work that we produce.

We will:

Analyze your recruitment needs
Fully understanding where your company should be going, and what people you will need to get there is a critical factor to success. Understanding what skills, knowledge and track record are required is one thing: making sure we understand what will make the right candidate fit your business is our added value.
Attract and motivate the best candidates
Using the most appropriate, dynamic and engaging channels, we attract the best possible talent and maintain their motivation throughout the process. We identify the candidate’s priorities and ambitions, and help you to communicate your organization’s employment proposition in the best possible way.
Make the right selection
Our unique predictive assessment methodology uses a combination of tests, interviews and personality profiling to quickly and thoroughly assess the candidate’s qualifications, experience, motivation and personal qualities, ensuring the best possible match.
Ensure high performance
By re-utilizing the assessment insights gained in selection we help you to integrate your new hire in the optimum way. The new employees and their line manager get expert advice to ensure that both hit the ground running in their new relationship – higher performance from day one.

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R4K did my CV sometime last year, I went to their training, and three months later I got a job better than the one I was in before, thanks R4K team!

— Hannah Kendi, Candidate

R4K is our main recruiting firm and has never disappointed us. They are able to source for quality employees and fill vacancies very fast due to their promptness.

— Diane Murage, Uvacorp Technologies

R4K has a friendly team of professionals that were able to match my qualifications exactly with the job that I am currently in. I have even recommended their services to my friends because it worked for me.

— Faith Munyiva, Candidate