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Compliance with Labour Laws and other provisions that govern HR Practice is important if your organisation is to avoid costly non compliance costs and lengthy litigations, it is also best Practice. The main objectives for this short course is to provide a brief overview of the complex legal issues of the employment relationship in Kenya, and help both employers and employees in small businesses understand key legal provisions in employment.

Target Group:

 Small business owners, SME’s HR Managers, Administrators, Departmental Heads, Branch Managers and other Executives dealing directly with staff issues.

Learning Outline

Introduction to the Labor Laws in Kenya:

  • The Employment Act, Cap 226; 2) The Regulation of Wages and Conditions of Employment Act, Cap 229; 3) The Trade Unions Act, Cap 233; 4) The Trade Disputes Act, Cap 234; 5) The Factories and Other Places of Work Act, Cap 514; and 6) The Workmen’s Compensation Act, Cap 236.
  • The Kenyan Worker and the law
  • The Kenyan employer and the law
  • Special COVID times and the labor law

By end of this course you will be able to:

  • Understand and appreciate the employment laws that affect organizations
  • Be an effective employer and employee in relation to the Kenyan labor laws
  • By learning the fundamentals of employment law, you will, at the very least, limit the possibility of litigation
  • Determine when professional legal advice should be sought.
  • Deal with all the legal ramifications of any union being established in your workplace.
  • Ensure your employee related processes are legally defensible.
  • Learn Strategies of handling employees within the law

Our Commitment to Covid19 measures:

  • Participants will be required to wear masks at all times during thetraining
  • Chairs must be spaced to encourage social distancing at 1.5mapart
  • Training notes will be provided on email as opposed to handouts during thetraining
  • Sanitization of employees hands at the start, during breaks and at the end of thetraining
  • Temperature check
6000 Ksh Only per participant inclusive of training materials, 2 CPD Points, Certificates of completion, Refreshments all day. Tea and snacks at 4.00pm.
(Cost is VAT inclusive)
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How to Book
Simply send an email to us on training@r4kenya.com and we will send you a registration form. We advise you to book early to avoid missing a seat to this training. Due to Covid 19, Our training programs will have a limited number of participants in attendance.



Date and Time

Sat, February 13th, 2021
2:00 PM - 7:00 PM EAT


Panari Hotel, Nairobi