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Six Sigma Greenbelt Certification in Kenya

Certified Six Sigma Managers Earn Much More Than Their Counterparts. This online Six Sigma Green Belt Course leading to Six Sigma Green Belt Certification offers a unique opportunity to get yourself and your teams certified as a Six Sigma Green Belt professional 

The Six Sigma course (leading to Six Sigma Green Belt certification) is a well researched 250 page online course that has been developed for people who would like to master the science of Six Sigma. The course includes all the tools, techniques and concepts related to Six Sigma and has been developed keeping in mind the requirements in most modern day industries.

The R4K online learning resources have been developed under ISO 9001-2015 procedures.

 List of Chapters

Chapter 1 :   Introduction to Six Sigma
   »    Introduction to Six Sigma
   »    Six Sigma Deployment Process
   »    Six Sigma Implementation Process
   »    The Six Sigma Toolkit
   »    The Six Sigma Toolkit Continued…
   »    Overview of DMADV or DFSS
Chapter 2 :   The Define Phase    
   »    The Define Phase
   »    The Goal and Expected Benefits of the Project and Kano Model
   »    Definition, Survey Construction and Margin of Error
   »    Focus Groups and Critical-to-Quality Tree
   »    Project Definition and Process Mapping
   »    Process Mapping Continued…
   »    The 7M Tools
   »    Matrix Diagrams and Activity Network Diagrams
Chapter 3 :   The Measure Phase    
   »    The Measure Phase
   »    Histograms and Probability Plots
   »    Basic Process Capability and Process Variation
Chapter 4 :   The Analyze Phase    
   »    The Analyze Phase
   »    Nature of Work and Flow of Work
   »    Root Cause Analysis
   »    Root Cause Analysis-Close
   »    Scatter Diagram and Run Charts
   »    Hypothesis Testing, T Tests and Chi-square Test
   »    Analysis of Variance (ANOVA)
   »    Quantifying the Opportunity
Chapter 5 :   The Improve Phase    
   »    The Improve Phase
   »    The Improve Phase …Continued
   »    The Improve Phase …Continued
Chapter 6 :   The Control Phase    
   »    The Control Phase
   »    The Control Phase …continued
   »    Control Methods / Tools and Techniques for Control Planning
   »    Control Methods / Tools and Techniques for Control Planning Continued..


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Six Sigma Greenbelt Certification, Online Training