Team Building


Strategic Building for a Profitable Future!

Date: 7th Dec 2019

Venue: Burch’s Resort, Naivasha

Time: 9am to 6.30pm

Transport to and fro Naivasha provided in a comfortable tour bus.

Pick up and Drop Off Point: Nairobi CBD at 7.15am


Team cohesion, synergy and a shared vision are a requirement for any institution to succeed.

The role of team work in institutions has been identified as being critical. Good organizational performance can be attributed to the quality and nature of the team and the interaction amongst team members. It is therefore imperative that institutions are seen to function and perform their duties as effective and efficient as possible.

Our consultants intend to impart, through experiential learning, current skills, attitudes, and knowledge in team dynamics to the participating employees. Most of the critical ingredients in a team-building program, such as Strategic Thinking, Interpersonal Skills, Leadership, Team Synergy, Team Cultures and Thriving in Change shall be explored.

NITA Approved Trainers (NITA/TRN1065). IHRM certified HR Firm (C000371)


The training contents shall include but not limited to:

  • Teambuilding principles,
  • Critical success factor for effectively performing teams,
  • Having a shared vision and team direction of purpose,
  • Roles and responsibility of team members,
  • Developing and enhancing team synergy,
  • Team cohesion including conflict avoidance and resolution
  • Negotiating within the team.


By the end of this workshop the following outcomes are expected:

  • Participants will embrace teamwork and will develop a more cohesive team
  • All the participants will have understood what brings and drives team spirit and what breaks team spirit and how to avoid it
  • They will have examined the characteristics of effective teams and clarify the key points that make for effective team players.
  • Team members to develop trust in each other, communicate openly and support one another.
  • Participants to develop an understanding of the role of people, processes and systems in teamwork, and their contribution to the Organization’s Vision.
  • Come up with an action plan based on the lessons learnt.


  • All Junior and front line Staff- To facilitate and improve team bonding and innovation to improve processes.
  • Managers- To improve productivity, become mentors to staff, increase customer retention and develop leadership skills.
  • Supervisors- To improve strategic planning, effective communication, process monitoring, compliance and productivity.
  • Recommended for staff at all levels

Charges per person on full day, VAT inclusive:

10,000Ksh per person (Inclusive of a team building trainer/ facilitator, transport in a Tour bus to and from Burch Resort Naivasha, AM & PM tea with snacks, lunch with a soft drink and free Wi-Fi at Burch Resort).

How to Book:

Simply send an email to: and we will send you a registration form. We advise you to book early to avoid last minute disappointment.

Date and Time

Sat, December 7th, 2019
7:00 AM - 6:30 PM EAT


Burchs Resort Naivasha