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Centum Investment Company Plc New Job Vacancy - Stores Officer: Apply Now

Recours 4 Kenya
Full Time

Company Name: Centum Investment Company Plc

Job Title: Stores Officer

Job Type: Full Time

Key functions

  • Manage the receipt, storage, issuance and delivery of materials / items at Vipingo construction stores / yard
    • Receive and sort incoming parts and materials
    • Receive fuel deliveries in a safe and controlled manner
    • Manage the storing of materials / items at stores / stock yard
    • Prepare requisition orders and purchase orders to replenish materials
    • Obtain quotations from pre-qualified vendors, prepare comparative statements and forward for approval
    • Follow up with vendors or suppliers for delivery of materials / items to ensure timely delivery at site
    • Coordinate the vehicles and machinery regarding availability of machine to be used on site and action any requirements
    • Ensure materials / items supplied from the vendor or transferred from other site should be received by stores department
    • Check all formality related to incoming items such as delivery note, purchase order, test certificate, weight slip, invoice among many others
    • Ensure materials / items are counted/ weighed / measured
    • Ensure materials are checked for adequacy such as breakage, distortion and deterioration by the team before offloading
    • Ensure the materials / items are approved by quality department before accepting for storage
    • Ensure materials receipt note / stock receipt voucher/ goods inspection note, purchase order, invoice are properly checked and documented / filed
    • Ensure daily goods receipt register is maintained as per standard procedure to determine the current stock of materials physically
  • Manage the storage of materials / items at stores / stock yard
    • Ensure location in stores / yard are marked with label / tags for easy identification, retrieving of materials / items
    • Select appropriate location in store / yard for storing of materials /items keeping in mind storing system on the basis of
      • Type of material
      • Toxicity, flammability or other hazards
      • Volume and weight – heavy or light
      • Frequency of movement
      • Material to be used at site
    • Ensure good housekeeping in the stores / stock yard
    • Ensure all materials in the yard are only stored up to their shelf life or expiry period and shall be stored separately or returned to vendor after expiry of shelf life
    • Monitor the stock availability in the stores to ensure “No excess and no shortage” of materials
  • Manage the issuing and delivery of materials at the stores / yard
    • Ensure standard procedures are followed for issuing of materials /items
    • Ensure request form is duly filled by the requisite, check and verify authorized signature
    • Prepare monthly report for issued items
  • Maintain / update status of inventory
    • Carry out entry of item as per appropriate material code
    • Performing ‘cyclic counts’ and routine stock checks fuel dips as required
    • Prepare monthly reports i.e materials received, materials issued, balance of stock, fast & slow-moving items
  • Ensure a healthy and safe working environment
    • Implement safe handling of materials at the store or yard
    • Identify any hazard and notify management
    • Ensure all the safety and protection installation are correctly placed
    • Ensure safe access is available for movement of workers and materils
    • Ensure appropriate use of personal protective equipment
    • Maintain the yard and stores in a clean and tidy condition
    • Undertake any further duties that may reasonably be required



  • Ensure compliance with all company policies and procedures.



  • Ensure timely and appropriate reporting to development accountant

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