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Moko Home + Living: Head of Customer Insights & Product Development

KENYA Customer Service Full Time

Company Name: Moko Home + Living

Job Title: Head of Customer Insights & Product Development

Job Type: Full Tim


As the Head of Customer Insights & Product Development, you will be the ideator and custodian of the customer experience journey, to ensure that each customer is wow-ed every time they interact with us. You will be the eyes and voice of our users and lead the development of new products that will make our mission “create a new smiley world” a reality. This position is ideal for someone who enjoys thinking about new ideas and executes them to achieve concrete results.


Make the MOKO brand THE smiliest and most-loved in the home+living solar universe

  • Support the CEO to translate the MOKO vision and identity into a concrete strategy. Define the metrics that can measure that we’re on the right track to building the brand that we want to be.
  • Ideate and (in collaboration with Head of Marketing) implement brand awareness campaigns that drive up our brand success metrics.
  • Ideate and lead initiatives that are truly remarkable and that lead the “dreamers” (aka our target demographic) to spread the MOKO love through unsolicited word-of-mouth
  • Create a brand ambassador program for all MOKO-ers to make our brand vision alive internally and get our teams to live and spread the MOKO promise

Be the maker and the custodian of an 11 stars customer experience journey

  • Map the journey of our customers and look at the overall experience they go through
  • For the main touchpoints define what an 11 stars experience should and could look like and support different teams (delivery team, customer care team) to make the 11 stars a reality
  • Create systems to monitor how our customers perceive the MOKO journey and track if we’re keeping our 11 stars promise at each touch-point

Make MOKO’s digital and offline (including our retail shops) identity the most beautiful and wow-ing in the solar system

  • Create and enforce a consistent visual and voice brand identity in all the resources that we release internally (policy docs) or externally (websites, FB page)
  • Work with the People team to communicate the everyday life at MOKO that can make MOKO the most aspired company to work for
  • Work with the Marketing and Retail team to create beautiful and out-of-this-world pop-up stores and showrooms: lead the design work and the ideation of the experience and pro

Design beautiful products that lead to viral word-of-mouth

  • Support the CEO office with key user insights that lead to the genesis of new products
  • Manage the different stakeholders in the process (industrial designer who designs the product, product engineer who makes the product into something that can be built, the manufacturing team that builds the product) to move from a vision to a concrete prototype
  • Lead the prototype iteration, creating a team and system that can generate key insights. Inform how the product should be developed after having gone through “trial by fire” aka user testing
  • Keep the project on time and budget while leaving room to pull the brake when needed to make truly wow products

In collaboration with the product engineering team, design, implement & operate a scalable product design & development engine

  • Over time, document the product development process and create a predictable engine that allows knowing how long it takes us and how much it costs to produce new products
  • Iterate the product development process and make it ready to grow at scale
  • On a yearly and quarterly basis make accurate expenses and revenue projections for the Product Development team


  • You have a passion for making new, rough ideas into something concrete and iterate on them
  • You have an outstanding emotional intelligence and can understand what users say as much as what they don’t say
  • You are a strong strategic planner, translating the MOKO brand into measurable and tangible outcomes that guide our teams to success.
  • You have the ability and the passion to facilitate communication and effective collaboration between different teams and stakeholders with different backgrounds (product engineers, industrial designers, laypeople)
  • You are a strong critical thinker and problem solver, using a sharp understanding of the bigger picture to effectively overcome hurdles.
  • You are super organized and are able to handle different balls in the air and moving complex projects on time and on budget. You understand and have the courage to understand when you should stop the train to evaluate the path ahead instead of keeping moving the train along
  • You are an adaptable professional who has drawn energy from working in an environment of rapid growth and change.

Method of Application

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